Today started on a train and ended in a taxi. It was my work Christmas party so I couldn’t drive in to work else my car would be stranded. So I got the train. 

Apparently student railcards don’t work before 10am. Did you know that? 

I could just about envisage a life where I get the train to work every day. Commuting by train it peaceful. I got to read a bit of my book, listen to a bit of music. It was a shame that there was no quiet carriage, and my train was full of commuting school children, but otherwise it was very pleasant. 

Thinking about it, do you commute to school? Possibly not. They were all in Blazers so they were obvs posh like. 

Now, 15 hours later I’m getting a taxi in the other direction. The taxi is going to cost considerably more than the train cost this morning, but the taxi is on the company. Cheers, guys. 

We’re driving the same road home that I drive to and from work every day. That’s why it was nice to get the train in this morning – the scenery was a bit different.

Mainly because of the free bar, before today I had a three for three record for vomiting after or during work parties, so I was determined not to continue that trend tonight. So far, I havent. And I don’t expect I will either. So I’ll be three from four instead. An improvement! 

I am also 5 from 8 on the games of pool I’ve played today. Five wins, three losses. Although three of the wins were as part of a doubles match, and my doubles partner definitely carried me a little bit. 

Until tomorrow, I’m almost home. 



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