December 3rd 2017

Today I released Issue Nine of my monthly online magazine.

Current-issue (2).jpg

Hallowe’en makeup and wandering zombies. Burning effigies and explosions on Guy Fawkes night. Losing an hour of sleep for daylight savings. It’s a scary time of year. Humanity turns orange in October to match the pumpkins, and then the world turns orange in November because all of the leaves fall off the trees. And that’s scary enough.

As such, this month’s issue of Feed magazine is about fear. We asked the writers, ‘what scares you?’ and the answers varied. From a night in with some spooky Netflix shows (page 6), or an old-fashioned horror flick (page 12), to the frightening, paralysing stress of post-University life (page 22).

Elsewhere, we hear stories of fantasy novels (page 20) and a seven-year-old accidentally stumbling on Resident Evil (page 24).

To read this month’s issue, go to the Feed Magazine website, or if you’re on a mobile device, read the magazine on Issuu at:

Until tomorrow, what scares you?


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