December 5th 2017

Today I lost my one and only Strava CR. (For the vast majority of you who don’t know, Strava is a running social media app, and a CR, or course record, is ‘the fastest time running from a defined point A to a defined point B’). Until today I only had one CR. It was a 300 metre segment called ‘Alney finish’

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 22.50.03.png

Basically what it means that of everybody (858 people) to have run down that stretch of road, I was the one who did it in the fastest time. Well, until about 8 hours ago I was. One of the guys from work went out and hoovered it up. Arse!!

Strava sends you a little commiseratory notification when you lose a CR to tell you that you’ve been ‘dethroned’ – which is a bit dramatic in my opinion.

FullSizeRender 188.jpg

So now I’m second of 858, and that doesn’t sound anywhere near as good. Of course, the petty part of me wants to just go out tomorrow and take the CR back, but that would require 1) motivation and 2) ability.

Like, I’d have to want to do it, and I’d have to know that I was actually be able to beat him. It would be embarrassing to go out and make an attempt at taking it, but not actually succeed. I could just hide the run, of course, but that feels dishonest.

That little crown that sits on the scoreboard suddenly has great importance to me. I want it back. Sprinting is the only subset of running that is particularly enjoyable for me now. Mainly because it’s less distance and it’s over quicker.

Instead of a long slow 10km, I’d much prefer a track session or some speedwork or some intervals.

Until tomorrow, I want my throne back.



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