November 7th 2017

Today we had a Christmassy evening in a cellar. The hotel/restaurant/bar round the corner hosted a movie night, where you watch a DVD projected onto a big whiteboard in the wine cellar – except they cleared out all the wine and replaced it with popcorn (to be honest, I prefer it that way). 

The film was Love Actually, which, having now seen with a room full of laughter, I’ve now decided is one of the best Christmas films. There’s something about that communal experience that just makes the film better. I mean, it came out in 2003 and I’ve probably seen it at least once a year since then, so I’ve always known that it’s a good film, but I didn’t realise quite how funny it was until tonight. When the room laughed, I laughed. And we all laughed a lot. IMG_2050.JPG

The one issue was that there were lots of heads in the way of the screen, and they hadn’t projected the film onto the very top of the screen, so there was quite a few craning necks. Fortunately, the room was 95% female so I towered over most of them, but the bits of the film spoken in Portugese were hard to follow because I couldn’t see all of the subtitles.

So that bit was bad, and so was the £28 I paid for a round of 4 drinks. Those are London prices in the Cotswolds. A bottle of water was £4 as well. Those are Ibiza prices in the Cotswolds.

After the film we went up and had a roast dinner – included in the price of the cinema ticket.

FullSizeRender 189.jpg

By this point it was gone 8:30 and I was so hungry that I burnt the roof of my mouth wolfing down a roast potato. I even ate the swede, I was so hungry.

Until tomorrow, all in all, it was a very pleasant evening.



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