December 8th 2017

Today we were going to go out for the night but decided to order pizza instead. Alice text me this afternoon saying that she fancied going out to do something. Considering we live in a little countryside village(ish), there’s not actually that much to do round here, so we ordered a Domino’s and played Monopoly at home instead. Because what other way is there for two 24-year olds to spend a Friday night?

I think a night in with Dominos pizza and a four-pack of Aldi’s own version of Strongbow Dark Fruits is just as a good as a night in a posh restaurant paying £6 a bottle for Old Mout cider. Did I mention that I paid £28 for a round of 4 drinks yesterday?

So we ate Domino’s and played the Monopoly card game. I’m going to London tomorrow and won’t see Alice for the rest of the weekend, so it was nice to just spend the evening together in whatever capacity.

Until tomorrow, Dominopoly.



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