December 9th 2017

Today has started poorly. I’m off to London today for a night out with some friends. I thought my train was at 13:11, but at about 11:30 this morning I had a random urge to check. Turns out my train was actually at 11:49. 


I packed a bag that contained basically just a shirt and one sock, (forgetting spare underwear, a toothbrush, a towel, deodarant, hair wax, and the other sock) and sprinted out the door, jumped in the car and drove (adhering to all traffic laws) to the station. I got there about 11:45. The first parking payment machine was broken. The second one didn’t take card. The third one worked. I still had to collect my train tickets. 

I got the tickets and raced onto the platform at 11:48. Everyone else on the platform looked angry.

The train was cancelled. The next one is in two hours. 

I needn’t have rushed. 

I was reasonably annoyed, but not as annoyed as some on the platform. What really pissed me off (other than the fact that I only have one spare sock) is that the fucking Train Station Cafe closed about 5 seconds before I got to the door. 

If you’re gonna delay a train-load of people for two hours, it might be a good idea to leave the cafe open. Just a thought. 

So, I’ve gone back to sit in my car and drink one of the ciders that I’d remembered to grab from the fridge when I should’ve been finding socks. 


12 hours later and I’ve just got in from my London night out. 

Until tomorrow, the day finished better than it started. 



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