December 10th 2017

Today I’m on a train on the way back from London. When I woke up this morning the ground was covered in snow. 

For a large part of the day I thought I might have to stay in London again tonight, because the snow was causing cancelled trains all over the place.  

The snow wasn’t even that bad. But lots of the tube lines were out of order, so we weren’t sure whether we’d be able to get from Stratford to Paddington, and there were no guarantees whether our train would be cancelled. 

Either way. We’re here now. 

I’m struggling. I woke up hungover. I spent most of the day hungover, and I am still hungover now. My main issue is that I’ve not had coffee since Friday. In my 36-hour trip around London I’ve somehow not found a single coffee option worth drinking. 

And I’ve eaten so many carbs. So many carbs. 

And so much beer. And no sleep. I’m not in a good way. And I’m not going to be home for two hours. And I’ve got to drive over sheets of ice to get home. 

Despite knowing most of this all day, I’ve been relatively calm about my possible state of abandonment. I’ve been having too much fun to worry about the logistics of travel. 

Until tomorrow, it was a great weekend. 



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