December 16th 2017

Today, at 24 years old, I spent my Saturday evening doing a 1000-piece cat puzzle. Actually, that’s not strictly true — we gave up after about 25 pieces. Alice won the puzzle in a work raffle, so we thought we’d have a night in with a Christmas film and try and do the puzzle. But, the puzzle was fucking difficult.

There’s like 960 identical-looking black pieces and then 40 brown pieces. We took the traditional outside->in method, but couldn’t even find all of the edge pieces, let alone fit them together in any sort of order.

This is how far we got:


Do you see why we struggled?

I’m not usually one to give up on something like that very easily, but it was so frustrating that I was getting bored.

We got that far and then decided that puzzling was not for us, so we went to the garage, bought some Galaxy chocolate, and put a film on instead.

Until tomorrow, a much more civilised evening, I’m sure you’d agree.




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