December 17th 2017

Today was a cold, wet and miserable day for a round of golf, but I still played anyway. I can just about handle a cold round of golf. A cold and miserable round of golf is doable. But a cold, wet and miserable round of golf is no fun for anyone involved — well, except for the winner (which wasn’t me).

If it’s cold you can try to wrap up warm, and I did… I wore thermals and a skiing fleece, but it was still cold. I had a bobble hat and a glove on each hand, but it was still cold.

When it’s cold, and your clubs are cold, and your hands are cold, and your (golf) balls are cold, golf can be a painful sport. When your metal club strikes the plastic (mostly) ball, the vibrations reverberate through your collagen bones. And that hurts. Without sounding too daft… the club should be an extension of your arms, but the cold weather makes it feel very much like you’re trying to strike a golf ball with the bone in your forearm.

But, like I said, the cold is manageable, the rain is insufferable.

I dressed for the cold, but I did not dress for the rain. I don’t really have golfing waterproofs (here’s looking at you, Christmas) so I just wore chinos and a fleece — materials not known for their water resistance. By the third hole I was soaked, and my game had long gone.

I love playing golf. It’s great fun. It’s cathartic. It’s incredibly frustrating but still often rewarding. Today wasn’t fun though. It was long, and wet, and cold, and miserable, and not particularly enjoyable.

I basically hacked and shanked and hooked and sliced my way around the course, not taking care over my shot selection or execution. I just wanted the round to finish. That’s not a good attitude, and probably a contributor into why I played so poorly, but it was cold and wet and… you get it.

Until tomorrow, fore left.



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