December 19th 2017

Today my vision returned. And by that I mean I got my glasses fixed. I stood on them yesterday, so I wandered round for the first half of the day with of my glasses’ (that’s a weird word to type and say) arms in my pocket. At lunch I strolled into town in the hope of finding a man who could fix all of my problems. Or, at least, my glasses-specific problems.

I had to lie to the guy in SpecSavers are tell him that I’d bought the glasses from his store, when in actuality I’d got them from Cirencester (I’m sorry). 

I realised when he walked off with my glasses that I was suddenly unable to see. And that meant that I was unable to see him. And I’d kind of forgotten what he looked like, so I had to hope that he remembered me. That may seem an odd thing to worry about, but it was very disconcerting being without my glasses.

He was gone about twenty minutes, and that started to concern me. I was without one of my primary senses, so I fully expected my sense of smell to heighten, or that I’d develop supersonic hearing, but apparently that’s not how these things work.

Eventually, he came back, and I remembered that he was the one in the grey Christmas jumper — in case you were wondering. Apparently I’d broken the glasses so efficiently (or perhaps inefficiently) that he’d had to use a hot glue gun to repair them, as a simple re-screwing wouldn’t suffice. And he’d to wait for the hot glue to cool down before I could put them on my face again. That made sense, I supposed.

He showed me my newly reinforced specs, and I bounded off into the winter’s night, rejuvenated by the restoration of my vision — plus, he didn’t even want any money.

Until tomorrow, Oculus Reparo.



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