December 20th 2017

Today I’m just about kinda sorta coming to terms with the fact that it’s Christmas on Monday. At work, our office has been full of decorations for a few weeks, but the Christmas music has only really started the past few days. I think everyone is starting to feel it a bit. And, as much as I’ve resisted it, I was singing along to some Christmas classics this afternoon.

I did, however, annoy everyone by trying to drown out Michael Buble by playing techno or deep house remixes of every Christmas song Buble could think of. It was a Christmas rave, temporarily.

We have a Christmas meal tomorrow, and I’ve even started doing a bit of Christmas shopping at lunch. “Started?” you ask. “Yes,” I answer. That’s one benefit of Christmas being on a Monday.

Again, despite much resistance, Alice and I watched a Christmas film this evening. (Side note: In light of the recent Hollywood abuse scandals, The Santa Clause has really not aged very well.) 

Tomorrow’s Thursday, and Friday follows Thursday, then it’s the weekend, and then it’s Christmas morning.

Until tomorrow, I guess Santa Claus really is coming to town.




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