December 22nd 2017

Today started on a train and ended in a curry house. I had to get the train in to put in a token last appearance at work of the year because I had too many beers after work last night and had to get the train home. 

Then we went to the pub for lunch, and then to another pub for pool. And thus concluded our work for the year – after we’d waited around until 5pm, of course…

After work I went home for a tactical nap before another night on the beers. I’ve worked out that there isn’t going to be another night this year when I’m not on the beers. I don’t think I’m happy with that. 

We were out tonight because Alice’s dad’s band had a gig. I’ve been to a few of these and I think tonight’s was definitely one of the best shows they’ve done. Although that could’ve been because of the number of beers (at least two).

After the gig a group of us walked to town with the idea of going to the karaoke bar. I think almost as a joke, one person said “shall we go get a curry” when we walked past the curry house. But something about the suggestion resonated with the rest of us. 

So, when the karaoke bar turned out to be completely packed, we turned round and headed back to the curry house. 

In hindsight, I think it was probably the best decision a group of drunk people have ever made. 

The curry house was technically closed, but when they saw a group of eight of us show up, they opened the doors – even though only six of us came in, and four of them ordered water. 

Even still, the curry house was a fantastic idea. 

I had something called lamb Montana, with keema naan and pilau rice. And it was 2am by the time I started eating it. Given the time of night, I really appreciated the presentations

Until tomorrow, in all honesty, I can not think of a better way to end a night. 


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