December 24th 2017

Today we reneged on a Christmas Eve tradition. A Christmas tradition so sacred that it goes all the way back to 52 weeks ago.

Last Christmas Eve Alice and I decided, for some reason, to watch Tom Cruise’s Vanilla Sky. Tom Cruise’s Vanilla Sky is a really creepy, trippy, film, and not in any way festive, but it just happened to be the film that we decided to watch that day. And, since that was the first Christmas Eve we’d spent together in our house, we wondered whether it meant that eating Christmas ham, and watching Vanilla Sky was our new Christmas tradition — since we’d done it on 100% of the Christmas Eves we’d spent together.

This past week we sort of half-joked that we’d watch Vanilla Sky again tonight, on Christmas Eve, but… it’s a really bad film. I mean, it’s quite a good film, but it’s just a bit twisted. And that’s not what you want on Christmas Eve.

Instead, we watched a Christmas film. Because that’s much more appropriate viewing for Christmas Eve.

We did eat Christmas ham, though — and continued our long-running tradition of massively overestimating the amount of food two people can eat.

Until tomorrow, we’ll be eating biscuits until Easter.



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