December 26th 2017

Today we broke our own world record for the number of family members at Boxing Day dinner. I think previously our best was 17 people, whereas today we had 19. 

We were supposed to have 20, but my cousin’s new boyfriend got overwhelmed by the thought of meeting 19 family members in one session. I can’t say I blame him, to be fair. 

19 people is a lot of people to cook for. 19 people around one table is a lot. We ended up sitting on the strangest of furniture. I was on a bar stool at a dinner table. Steve was sat on a coffee table. One guy was on a sun lounger, I swear. 

But that’s Christmas. 

In actuality, there was 20 bodies in the  room, because Pheobe the dog was there too. 

A dog at Christmas is much better than a baby at Christmas, and we’ve had the latter in recent years too. 

The family is growing, as us cousins each start bringing a partner along with us, and then a baby, and then a dog, but even though we’re a growing family, we all come back to Grandma and Grandad’s every Boxing Day. 

We always come back. And the table grows. And makeshift chairs will come out of cupboards. 

Until tomorrow, and we always come back. 



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