December 27th 2017

Today our day-after-Boxing-Day plans were scuppered by an inch of snow. The boy-cousins, the boy-friends, my dad, and his dad were supposed to play in a golf tournament at 9:30am, but when we woke up to whiteness, we figured the tournament was cancelled. And it was. 

It was a shame, but it did mean that we all got to stay at Grandma’s and have a huge fry up instead. So it wasn’t all bad. 

I was looking forward to playing, because I got an entirely new golf outfit for Christmas, and I’m excited to wear it. Is that sad? That’s probably sad. 

Either way, I’m playing tomorrow with one cousin and my dad. It’s a shame that it won’t be the seven of us, as was previously planned, but at least I get to wear my new polo shirt. 

That’s if the snow has melted, of course. 

Until tomorrow, at least Phoebe enjoyed the snow. 



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