December 28th 2017

Today our plans for golf were whited out – literally. In this modern age, I’m not entirely sure how it took until literally the moment I drove up to the course and saw the ‘CLOSED’ sign for me to find out that the course was closed. I could have checked the website. I could have phoned the club shop. Instead, I drove for half an hour and found out much too late. And so did my Dad. And so did my cousin.

The snow had scuppered us again. To be honest, I didn’t immediately think that the snow was bas enough to warrant closing the course, but I guess… snow is white. Golf balls are white. I can see the problem there.

Instead of just turning around and going home, we went to the driving range. And that was still fun. We played a version of Killer where you win a point for being the person to hit a ball closest to a designated target.

Despite the change of plans, we still had fun.

That’s two days in a row now. We tried to play yesterday, but the snow had closed the course. And then we tried to play today, but the snow had closed the course. It’s almost like 24 hours of subzero temperatures and no rain wasn’t enough to cause the snow to melt. Who knew?

I’d say we’ll try again tomorrow, but I don’t think that will be enough either.

Until tomorrow, instead, we’ll try again on Saturday.



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