December 29th 2017 

Today we made the most of the Christmas holidays. Alice and I spent the vast majority of this Friday (is it Friday today? I’ve lost track) in a duvet watching the new series of Black Mirror on Netflix, with occasional breaks to bake gingerbread men. Although I’ll admit that Alice had more to do with the gingerbread men than I did. 

Then, I went on a night out with some old work friends. On a school night! Is it a school night? I’m not sure what day it is, I’ll be honest. We’re in this weird limbo between Christmas and New Year where time no longer has structure or meaning. 

Is it Friday? Fuck knows. Is it Saturday? Fuck knows. Who is fuck? Fuck knows.

 I booked between Christmas and New Year off work, so I’m currently in a state of confusion where I have no idea what day it is most of the time. 

I just checked, and apparently today is a Friday. That’s good to know. 

Until tomorrow. I think. 



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