December 30th 2017

Today I finally got the round of golf I’ve been pining for all week. I’ve tried to play golf three times this week, but on each occasion I’ve been club-blocked by the weather. But today we got to play.

I’m glad that I managed to get one final round of golf in before New Year, and I’m more glad that my Dad was with us for this one. But, most of all, I’m glad that I finished the year with a win. I played absolutely out of my skin on the front nine, and that performance carried my sub-par (nonliteral pun intended) performance on the back nine.

Logically, my game was kind of the opposite to what I’d expected considering I woke up an hour before we were to tee off, out-of-my-face-hungover, and wearing another man’s jeans (friend didn’t think I’d get into the club wearing ripped jeans so I borrowed a pair of his). 

I crashed at my Mum and Dad’s last night, and woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee. Usually that would be the perfect way to start any morning, but, as previously mentioned, the hangover was heavy and I can’t even stomach the sight of food that early in the morning. So, she packed the bacon sarny in kitchen foil, and I ate them both once I’d sobered up a bit on the tenth hole. Curiously, that’s where my game started to go a bit downhill.

Maybe I should just always be hungover when I play golf.

Until tomorrow, that sounds healthy.



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