December 31st 2017 

Today is New Year’s Eve. Although, I guess by the time I’m writing this it’s actually New Year’s Day. And by the time you’re reading it, depending on your time zone, it probably is no longer New Year’s Eve. 

I’ve spent my New Year’s Eve at an 80s themed fancy dress party. Ordinarily, I hate fancy dress parties, but this year I was particularly inspired by my costume idea. 

I chose to go as Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. Alice went as Eleven from Stranger Things. It was almost, but not quite, a couples costume. 

For reference: Steve, Eleven.

I wanted to go as KFC-loving Steve, but Alice wouldn’t let me go and get a bargain bucket as a prop.


So, we saw the New Year in with 80s music, with 80s films playing in the background, whilst all dressed as various 80s characters from pop culture. 

And then midnight struck and we did a load of poppers. 

The silly string kind, of course. 

Until tomorrow, happy New Year. 


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