January 4th 2018

Today I’ve lost my voice and I’m drowsy from all the tablets. That sentence makes it sound like I’ve had a really fun night, when in reality I’ve been asleep on Alice’s Mum and Dad’s sofa all evening sneezing because of the cat, coughing because of the cold, and crying internally. The last bit of that sentence isn’t true, I just added it because it sounded good and it scanned well.

I went straight there after work for her sister’s birthday-pizza-celebrations, to try and stop myself from disrupting everyone with coughs and sneezes I concocted a cocktail of medicines: an antihistamine because I’m allergic to fur and they have two cats, two paracetamol because my head was hurting, a shot of Calpol because I had a sore throat, and a cough sweet because they taste good.

Something about that combination messed with my head a little bit, and I was fast asleep within twenty minutes. In hindsight, it was probably unwise to raid the medicine cupboard in that way, but I didn’t want to be sneezing everywhere.

Two hours later, I woke up after vigorously excessive (or excessively vigorous) shaking from Alice. It was time to go home.

I guess I wasn’t particularly good company at the birthday celebrations.

Until tomorrow, but at least the sleeping stopped me from sneezing.


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