January 7th 2018

Today is Sunday, and Sunday is golf day. Considering the amount of golf I’m playing at the moment, I don’t particularly feel like I’m improving. And that’s kind of frustrating. I feel like the problem is that there’s usually a week between rounds of golf, and that’s quite a long time. In a week I’ve already forgotten all the things I was doing wrong, and I’ve already forgotten how I fixed it last week.

I think the solution to that problem is to just play golf every day. But, thinking about it, if I played golf every day then I wouldn’t be able to go to work, and if I didn’t go to work then I wouldn’t be able to afford to play golf every day, and if I couldn’t afford to play golf every day then I’d be even worse at golf. So really, what I’ve discovered in the course of this paragraph is that playing golf ever day would not actually make me any better at it.

The annoying conclusion from that conclusion is that I’m never going to improve, I’m just going to be stuck in this perpetual state of mediocrity until I retire (you can apply that sentiment to many other facets of my life, to be fair), and then someone else’s tax will pay for me to play golf every day — that, plus any money I’ve managed to save during my lifetime that did not end up being spent on golf.

So, effectively, the next forty years of my life is going to play out like this: work five days during the week and play golf on weekends — repeat until joints no longer function. And forty years down the line, I’ll still be at the exact level as I am now. Not getting better, not improving. Stuck.

Until tomorrow, this blog post isn’t really about golf.



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