January 11th 2018

Today we saw Paramore live in Cardiff. Alice bought me tickets for my birthday back in September, and we’ve extended it and got a hotel for the weekend as well. Our hotel room has a wonderful view of some railtracks and scaffolding, but apart from that it’s lovely.

We’ve been waiting to watch Paramore together since we were fifteen. I’m now twenty-four. Alice has seen them twice at Reading festival, but I never have. Today we finally got to see them live.

We were more excited than we looked, honestly.

There was a huge queue when we got to the venue – the sold out Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff city centre. In fact, when we arrived at the hotel (which is literally across the road) earlier in the day, people were already camped outside with literal sleeping bags waiting to get in.

We weren’t quite that keen, so headed off to get some food first.

When we got back from dinner, the queue had grown again. It was weird, to get to the back of the queue you have to walk past everyone that will be in front of you in the queue, and walking past all those faces made me feel old. The queue was basically me, Alice, and then a load of 17-year old girls. And a couple of Dads chaperoning.

Our Paramore are the version from ten years ago, whereas those kids know them for their current stuff. I, on the other hand, don’t really know the current stuff.

They didn’t play much old stuff, but to be fair, they were literally a different band back then. The only remaining member now from the first album is the lead singer, Hayley Williams. Since then all of the musicians in the band have changed/come back/left again/changed again. So it makes sense that, considering they are now made up of different members, that they’d prefer to do their own stuff, rather than stuff that feels like it was written by a different band — because it was, in a way.

Either way, it was a great show. The lead singer, Hayley, is so energetic but somehow manages to sing flawlessly whilst jumping around the stage. It’s so impressive. And she’s so cool. (She was my first crush when I was a little 13-year old kid).

Alice and I have ‘a song’, and it’s a Paramore song. It’ll probably be the song to which, if such an event occurs, we dance to at our wedding. Unfortunately, and annoyingly, they didn’t perform it tonight. That might have been a bit too emotional. That song is too slow, and tonight was all about hype, dancey songs.

It actually all got a bit too much for Alice, and she fainted on the penultimate song of the pre-encore set. I had to literally drag her out from the centre of the crowd to the bar to re-hydrate her. It’s kind of worrying but she’s fine now. She just needed some water. Too much dancing, I guess.

Bless her, though, as she was fading back into consciousness she pointed at the crowd and told me to go back in for the last song. Then she apologised for ruining the night. She didn’t ruin anything, of course, but the last song was a good one (No, I didn’t leave her alone to go back into the moshpit).

Until tomorrow, we finally got to see them, together.


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