January 13th 2018

Today we came back from Cardiff and found ourselves unable to cope with the mundanity of an ordinarily quiet Saturday night in. So instead, we went to the shop, bought Rum, Pineapple Juice and Coconut milk (because we figured that it was basically the same thing as coconut cream) to make pina coladas that would accompany our game of Monopoly.

We figured that if you’re going to have a mundane Saturday night in the house then you may as well be shitfaced for it, am I right?

So we sipped pina coladas through a straw and played the Monopoly card game that we became obsessed with when we were on holiday in September. In Rhodes, we sat at the poker tables most nights, got drunk of Pina Coladas and played Monopoly Deal. Tonight we recreated that, Poker mat and all, except instead of being in a 4 star hotel in 35 degree Rhodes, we were in our kitchen in our house in the Cotswolds. Almost, though.


We even used the blender to make the cocktails, and used our brand new short glasses. I’ve never understood why they’re called short glasses, but I guess if you think about it, then it doesn’t need much thinking about.

I think the Monopoly score was 5-5 in the end, which is just about close enough for us to end the game on amiable terms, rather than in fisticuffs.

Until tomorrow, the rum helped too.


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