January 15th 2018

Today I’m running on 2 hours sleep. A partnership between some annoying part of my brain, and the tickle in my throat kept me up all night. I was coughing so much that Alice had to go and sleep in the spare room. In the morning she was mad at me because 1) I did not offer to go in the spare room myself and 2) when she offered I did not put up enough of a protest. Women are tricky.

So she got two hours sleep, I got two hours sleep, and when I got to work the rest of the office had barely slept either. There must be something in the air. In mid-January we’re in this weird balance between it being too cold with the heating off, and too hot with it on. Last night it was both. In the end I think the only way I could find a comfortable temperature was by having the heating on and the window open. And by this point I had the bed to myself, so I could freely sprawl across the bed with one leg inside the duvet, and one leg out. It was an exact science.

I finally drifted off about 5am. Usually if I fall asleep at 5am it means I’ve just stumbled in drunk from a night out. No such fun yesterday, I was just full of coughs and sweat. Maybe if it continues tonight I’ll be the one that ends up in the spare room.

I’ve brought it on myself though. I’ve been ill for two weeks, and have only taken about 4 paracetamol tablets in that time — and three of those were last night. I keep thinking ‘I don’t have to medicate, I’ll be alright in a couple of days’. 

That’s partly true, because the days are completely manageable.

Until tomorrow, it’s the nights that are a struggle.


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