January 18th 2018

Today I’ve almost finished my first side-project of the year. The very first thing I wanted to do this year was to finish making the video from the family holiday that we went on in October. It’s taken far too long, but, y’know, Christmas and Laziness.

It’s taken three evenings so far, and it’ll need one or two more, but one of those evenings was just redoing all of the stuff I lost from my computer crashing the night before.

There’s pressure on this one because it’s almost a present for the family. I know my Mum’s excited to see it. Usually my side-projects are just personal things, but there’s reliance from others on this one. That should actually make me do it better and faster. Although, the fact that the holiday was three months ago means we might have to give up on the ‘faster’ and just concentrate on the ‘better’.

The difficult part is getting rid of stuff and chopping clips out. There was three hours of footage that needs to be condensed into an eight minute video. And even eight minutes is too long. I know my Mum will sit and watch the whole thing, but no regular video consumer has the attention span for an eight minute video anymore. I should make it three minutes long, but then I’d have to lose so much good stuff.

So to counteract that I could just make the thing twenty minutes long and include everything, but then the pacing would be all off and it wouldn’t be enjoyable to watch.

It’s hard, this. Eight minutes is about right. I’m at 11:39 so far, so I’ve still got to cut over three minutes. There’s one clip of my dad drunk dancing that is 47 seconds long but I can’t bring myself to cut it because… well… it’s a 47 second clip of my dad drunk dancing. 

Until tomorrow, I’ll always have the raw footage.


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