January 20th 2018

Today we had a familial trip to Bath. My siblings and cousins decided that instead of getting eachother Christmas presents this (last) year we’d go for a quote unquote tear up in Bath. Unfortunately, in the end my eldest sister couldn’t come but we still had a good time nonetheless.

We – me, Alice, one sister, her boyfriend, and our cousin – got a late-ish train to Bath, wherein the drinking swiftly began. We went to a busy pub and struggled to get a table for a bit. When we finally got a table, it came with a checkers set. And we’d end up playing checkers/draughts for far longer than should be expected on a ‘tear up’ in Bath. (I only won one game, and lost two)We’d made reservations at a restaurant for 6:30, and hoped to go to the cocktail bar next door for a few drinks before our reservation, but we ended up having too many games of checkers, and arrived at the cocktail bar about 6:10. So we only had time for one drink.The restaurant we went to was a Tapas place and is, I’m told, the 11th best restaurant in Bath — none of the top 10 had a free table. Number 11 was, however, still pretty fantastic.

Between the five of us we effectively ordered a tapas selection of ‘meat, cheese, potatoes and bread’ which as far as I’m concerned is the best type of tapas selection. I did hope to get a photo of every dish, but the thing about tapas is that they kinda just bring the dishes whenever they’re ready, and when there’s five of you you don’t really have time to fuck about taking photos because someone else will have finished the dish by the time the flash goes off.

After dinner we went to another cocktail bar (it’s possible that these places were just ‘normal bars’ but because I was only drinking cocktails then they are, by definition, cocktail bars), where I ordered a Pornstar Martini. Yes, I know, and I wasn’t even ashamed. Eventually, we got the train home — choosing to upgrade ourselves to first class at no added cost — but decided that the night wasn’t over when we got back to Swindon. Instead, we went to more bars in the town centre (these weren’t cocktail bars because I didn’t have a cocktail) And then, at some point, it was kebab o’clock. I won’t say that the thought of that kebab was the only thing that got me through the final two hours, but it was definitely a contributor.

Until tomorrow, happy belated Christmas — and missed you, Genine & Louis.


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