January 22nd 2018

Today I got permission to go on a golf holiday with my cousins. It’s my cousin’s 30th birthday, and he’s organising a trip to Portugal for four days of unlimited golf in 30 degree heat. Naturally, that’s something that I was right up for. I just needed to get permission first.

Alice agreed to let me go on the condition that I “buy her something with two interlocking Cs on the front of it”.  

I don’t know what she wants from the giftshop of the embassy for the Caribbean Community for Regional Integration, but I’m sure it won’t be too expensive. Maybe a nice pencil case?

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 22.40.29.png

Either way, we’ve now started looking at resorts. I’m leaving all of the planning to my cousins as my list of requirements is basically already covered by 1) golf holiday and 2) in Portugal.

I mean, four days of unlimited golf at a four star hotel in the Algarve? Just tell me who I need to transfer the money to and I’m there. I don’t even need to know how much it’s gonna cost.

Until tomorrow, although maybe I should save some money for the Chanel…


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