January 23rd 2018

Today I drove all the way to work, realised I’d left my laptop at home, so drove all the way back home. It wasn’t my finest ever start to a day. My work laptop stays in my work rucksack, so when I picked up the bag this morning, I’d forgotten that it wasn’t in there.

This is not an interesting story, but I need some content with which to fill a blog post, so here it is: I was away this weekend, I took my rucksack, I took my laptop out of my rucksack, I left it under the stairs, I came back from my weekend away, I left my rucksack in the car, I went to sleep on Sunday night, I woke up on Monday morning and couldn’t be arsed to go to the car to get my rucksack, so I just used a different bag, and got my laptop from under the stairs, I took that laptop satchel to work, I came home from work, I brought in both the laptop satchel and the rucksack, I went to sleep, I woke up Tuesday morning and picked up my rucksack, I drove to work, my laptop wasn’t in the rucksack, it was in the laptop satchel, I drove home from work, end scene.

That was entertaining content, right?

Anyway, yeah, that’s how I came to drive all the way to work without my laptop. I tried to get my old desktop PC to work with my new monitors, but I didn’t have the technical capabilities, so I just drove home and worked here instead.

Until tomorrow, that was worth the drive.


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