January 24th 2018

Today I ache all over and have spent most of the day in bed. I have this weird kind of flu where I’m not really coughing or sneezing any more, I’m just in pain. My bones hurt, my joints hurt, my skin hurts, my eyes hurt. I’ve been inside, in bed, sleeping with the lights off and the black-out blind drawn for most of the day.

I bumped my forearm into a doorframe earlier and it felt like my arm was on fire.

Perhaps I’m being a little bit dramatic, but that’s what it’s like. It got so bad this morning that I actually drank a hot-honey-lemon Lemsip that was forced upon me, and that goes against pretty much everything I believe in.

I’ve tried to take Ibuprofen regularly, but the only thing I really wanna do is sleep. I’ve been sleeping since 2pm, but I woke up feeling dozy and dizzy.

Until tomorrow, we’ve reached peak man-flu, people.


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