January 25th 2018

Today I’ve been wrapped up in a duvet and heavily medicated all day. Everything still hurts, my throat, my bones, my neck, my eyes, everything still hurts. I’m 3 weeks into a cold, but 3 days into the flu, and it all came crashing down at once. I got what felt like an hour’s sleep last night, but have caught up on it somewhat during the day — thanks in part to the amount of flu medicine I’m chock full of.

We got together everything we could; Sudafed, Night Nurse, Ibuprofen, Paracetemol, and have been alternating between them all day. Alice is ill too. I think I gave her whatever I’ve got, except I’m a day ahead of her. So everything I felt today, she’ll feel tomorrow.

I keep thinking I’m feeling better until I stand up and have to immediately sit down again because the whole world goes black and fuzzy. At one point we moved from being wrapped in the duvet upstairs to being wrapped in the duvet downstairs, and the stairs were difficult to navigate.

Even though we both stayed home from work, it’s not been a particularly sociable day. It hurts to rotate my neck enough to even look at her, and we’ve both been sporadically sleeping. Still, her company is better than nothing. After all this medication, the main thing I need is a proper night’s sleep.

Until tomorrow, here’s hoping for that.


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