January 28th 2018

Today I powered through the stack of ironing that’s been in my cupboard since last year. I did that because I learnt that after four days off work ill, there’s basically nothing I won’t do just for an excuse to pass the time. I was that bored.

I cancelled my usual-Sunday-golf-game because I’m still on the bad edge of being ill, so that left me with nothing to do, for the fourth consecutive day, other than lounge round the house.

So I hoovered. And I did three loads of washing. And a stack of ironing. And I cooked. All just to pass the time. It turns out I don’t hate doing chores, I just hate doing chores when I’ve got something better to be doing. But by this point, there’s nothing better to be doing. Four days without (basically) leaving the house is a bit much.

I must have started to go a bit stir-crazy, because picking up an iron is very uncharacteristic.

One other thing I discovered about myself during this process is that I have far too many AllSaints shirts. But maybe I’m just saying that because I got bored of ironing them all.

Until tomorrow, I’m bored of ironing now.


One thought on “Ironing

  1. You’re bored with ironing? I was going to invite you to iron blouses that I’ve had in a pillow case for almost 5 years now. LOL! Here’s hoping you feel better real soon.


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