January 29th 2018

Today I was finally able to function again as a human being after five days incapacitated with (man) flu.

It felt good.

Something about the combination of the flu, cabin fever from being indoors all week, and Night Nurse-induced comatic (probably not a word) sleep caused me to go a little bit crazy towards the end of my time off sick. I was fed up of being in bed, so it was nice to be in a place that wasn’t surrounded by duvet today.

Apparently, as I keep being told, this flu I’ve got has come over from Australia. That’s an awful long way for it to travel. Reassuringly though (or perhaps not, depending on your outlook) it seems that half the country is ill. Damn Australians. At least it’s not just me.

This is why I’m a firm supporter of the “summer is the best month, winter is the worst month” movement. This kind of outbreak just doesn’t happen in Summer. As long as I’m constantly connected to an IV drip of antihistamine so my hayfever and allergies don’t play up, I spend the entire summer months outside, healthy, happy and most of all… healthy.

This kind of shit only happens in Winter, because it’s cold and it’s wet and even though you do your best to stay indoors, you catch a cold, and then you’re forced to stay indoors. “But Christmas is in Winter, so Winter is great!” What a ridiculous notion. I’ve said this before, but imagine how much better Christmas would be if it was in July.

I don’t know if I’m just appropriating Seasonal Affective Disorder, or if I’m actually suffering, but personally I can’t wait until summer. January has been long, and it hasn’t helped that I’ve been ill for 100% of it.

Until tomorrow, bring on Spring.



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