January 30th 2018

Today I just about finished the two projects I set myself for January. At the start of the year I decided that I was just going to focus on one side-project at a time, rather than continually jump between writing books, editing my novel, making videos, creating magazines etc.

That being said, I had two things that I had to complete this month. Or, rather, one thing that I had to complete this month, and one thing that I told myself I had to complete this month. I have to produce a magazine, and I wanted to edit a video from our family holiday last year.

Each month I curate, collect, and edit the content for a monthly online magazine, and then send it off to my designer, and he does all the stupidly clever design stuff that turns that content into an actual magazine. That bit of work has to be done every month, and I’ve done everything I need to. The magazine should be out in the next week or so (found at

It felt good to have that task completed. I slacked in December and didn’t have the right kind of motivation, so we ended up not getting a magazine out. I’m glad that we’re starting off the New Year right.

My designer has also re-designed the front cover, and it’s all looking very very clever, and I’m so proud of it.

As I said, the other project is a video I’ve made from a family holiday we took in October. Yes, it’s taken me that long to finish the video. But it is finished now. Basically.

I just need to finalise the colour grading of all the footage, then it’ll be done. Admittedly that’s quite a large step, but I guess there is still one day left of January. I should have enough time tomorrow evening to get that done.

This more casual approach to side-projects stems from the fact that I’ve historically been too hard on myself for not completing projects, due mainly to the fact that I set myself too many projects to complete at once and end up getting overwhelmed. It’s a nasty cycle.

So instead, I’m just working methodically. I don’t mind that I’ve not written anything new this month, because my goal was to finish the video — alongside creating an edition of the magazine. And I’ve done that. And I’m happy with what I’ve produced on both counts.

Until tomorrow, this is a much more positive, far less whiny way of operating.


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