February 3rd 2018

Today I bought myself a new golf bag. For Christmas I got some gift cards for the local golf superstore, and I’ve been meaning to spend them for a while.

What I really needed was a new pair of golf shoes, but what I walked out with was a new golf bag, because I wanted a golf bag more than I wanted a new pair of shoes. I think that’s allowed.

Usually I hesitate over buying myself new things, but on this occasion, because I had gift cards, it was like someone else was buying it for me, so it was easier to deal with the stress of it all.

To be fair, considering the amount of golf I play, and how expensive it as as a sport, I don’t actually spend much on it.

Fun fact; in my entire life I’ve never bought a golf club. My entire set is made up of clubs I’ve had passed down to me by my Grandad. I’m not even sure where I got my current golf bag from. I think it was a Christmas present when I was very young.

I need a new bag for the golf holiday I’m going on in April. I’ve decided that I’m now the kind of guy who carries his golf bag over his shoulder, rather than the type who pushes them round in a trolley, so my only real requirement was that the bag be light enough to carry.

Plus, I wanted it to have a decent logo. I’m a bit of a brand snob when it comes to golf, you see.

In the end I bought a Callaway stand bag that fulfilled both my brand and usability requirements. Look how pretty:


It’s made me doubly excited to play golf tomorrow, and like quintuply excited for the holiday.

Because I bought it with gift cards that I got for Christmas, that makes it basically a Christmas present, which makes me feel like a kid at Christmas, just waiting to try out his new toy.

Until tomorrow, take me to Portugal.



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