February 8th 2018

Today I had an impromptu invite to a curry house dinner with a group of mates I haven’t seen in a while. Perhaps somewhat unfortunately, that impromptu curry house dinner turned into dinner at the Harvester, but the sentiment was still almost as appreciated.

It was a nice surprise because it was a group of friends who I only ever really see if we’ve planned a weekend away – to Bristol, or Southampton, or Amsterdam, for example. We’re not usually friends who just meet up for spontaneous meals out, but tonight we were.

It was nice, because it’s not often that I get to see my friends. Although, saying that, I am going to Bristol with two groups of them next Friday. So maybe that’s not completely true. Although it does back up the ‘we’re more a weekend away kind of group’ narrative.

Perhaps that’s just a bloke thing though. Is it? Guys will more often only meet up if there’s something worth doing (Amsterdam, Southampton, etc), and/or something worth drinking (usually Carling in my group, but I stick to cider) Is that true?

Until tomorrow, that’s my experience, at least.


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