February 10th 2018

Today I had a rewarding day at work. At the start of every month I produce a report on the amount of traffic that went to the company’s blog in the previous month. I’ve realised that nobody ever really asked me to do this, but I think they know how much I fucking love a spreadsheet, so they kinda just go along with.

The blog is the thing for which I am most responsible at work. It’s kind of my baby. And like a baby, you have to make sure that it’s growing, and showing signs of progress (I don’t know how you’re supposed to raise children). 

So I check in sporadically during the month to look at the amount of traffic and viewing figures the company blog is getting, and then at the beginning of the next month I update all my spreadsheets and build some reports to show everyone else how it’s doing.

At the moment, it’s doing really, really well. A slow and steady increase that we’d be happy with would be ~10% every month, and we usually hit that comfortably, but this month there was a 66% increase in traffic.

And, after a bit more research, I found that that drastic increase is largely due to work I’ve done. And that’s rewarding as hell. We’re getting most of our new traffic organically (meaning through search engines) and that’s basically what we’re trying to do. So something is working.

Then I compared last month with January last year, and the traffic is up 357%. Selfishly, I also look at the traffic increase specifically in the time since I joined the company, and the traffic now is six times higher.

Of course, the statistician in me would point out that that’s correlative and not causal, but I can’t help but feel a little proud. Especially because some people in the company don’t really rate the blog as a valid method of gaining traffic, so part of me is happy for proving them wrong.

When I started my job, considering it was my first salaried employment, it was really difficult for me to comprehend and justify why they were paying me. Eternal self doubt, or something.

I doubted whether whether what I was bringing to the business made my salary at the end of every month worthwhile.

However, ignoring the other, more general, marketing stuff I do and just thinking about the company blog for a moment… I learnt that each ‘click’, or each session we get to the website is ‘worth’ a certain amount. And you can either get those clicks through paid methods, like display and search advertising, or through free, organic methods like those we concentrate on with the blog.

So, apparently, accounting for the fact that the traffic I get (I feel it’s important to mention that there are two of us working on the company blog, but this blog is my blog, so I’m only speaking for myself here) is free.

So, ignoring everything else, even that traffic has a value.

Until tomorrow, and calculating it makes me feel worthwhile.



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