February 10th 2018

Today I released issue 10 of my monthly digital magazine.


This issue is all about the memorable moments of 2017.

12 months ago, in the first issue of Feed, after a string of celebrity funerals topped off by a celebrity inauguration, I wrote about how bad 2016 was. By comparison, 2017 seemed… less bad. Either that, or we’ve all just become so numb to the bad stuff that we’ve accepted it as normality.

It seems that, as we’ve all found something to unite against, the common cultural consciousness is becoming more aware of important issues in race, religion and gender identity. And although there’s a long way to go in the fight, the conversation is well underway (page 6). Elsewhere, there was lots to be cheerful about in 2017 and within this issue we’ve tried to capture some of our favourite bits.

With increasing interest, creativity and budgets, 2017 was a fantastic year for gaming (page 28) and television (p24). Sport was either a better-than-normal business-as-usual (page 10) or an almost cliched story of the underdog (page 12). Among all the celebrity, however, it was a man named Fergus Beesley who gave us the most memorable moment of 2017 (page 20).

Until tomorrow, check out the previous issues of Feed magazine here.


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