February 11th 2018

Today we went on a photography walk with Alice’s new phone. She ordered a Google Pixel 2 late last night, and it was at our house by 2pm this afternoon.

As crazy as that is, in and of itself, to be able to receive a device 16 hours after you’ve ordered it, it got even more weird when we started using the camera on the phone.

Like, I’m not even being dramatic when I say that the camera on that phone sees the world more clearly than my own eyes do. I mean, I’ve been wearing glasses all of my adult life, so perhaps that’s not saying too much, but still.

Seriously though, walking around taking photos with the Pixel makes my life seem more High Definition. Or less high definition, depending on your interpretation.


Look how clear that picture is. That picture is so clear that I went straight home and had a shave because it made me think “is that what my beard looks like in 4k resolution?” I could see stains on my jacket that I could not even see with a magnifying glass.

It’s a wondrous device. I want one.

The phone’s camera made every part of our typical, Cotswoldian street on a typical Winter’s day look slightly magical.


Even the weeds that protuded angrily from the stone wall was made to look pretty by the camera. We found ourselves getting up close to every nook and cranny in the street. Studying.


Everything in our surroundings got a touch more beautiful through the lens, and a touch dingier with the natural eye.

When we got home we, of course, had a photoshoot with our hamster, Lola.


Even she was somehow made cuter by the camera on the Google Pixel 2.

I always thought that the point of technology was to make things easier for humans. But now it seems like the world isn’t just made easier, it’s made better.

Until tomorrow, prettier to look at, even through a lens.



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