February 13th 2018

Today, in case you hadn’t heard, is Pancake Day. Yes, that’s still a thing. No, it’s not just for children. Probably. We’re in this weird time of year where there’s a made up, Hallmark-holiday every couple of weeks; Pancake Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter (sorry Tina). Except this year comes with the quirk of having two of those holidays fall on consecutive days.

I may have said this before, but I don’t think it’s the moon or the pagan calendar that decides when Easter falls, I think it’s decided arbitrarily by Hallmark and Thorntons based on how their first-quarter targets are going. They’re really behind this week, it seems.

Either way, I bought Alice a Yankee Candle and we came home and ate pancakes. Because as much as I want to think I’m too hashtag cynical and hashtag edgy for it, I do quite like a pancake.

Alice likes to make her pancakes Scotch-ed, whereas I like a crepe, so it was an interesting balancing act to make us both happy. Trying to flip them both was also an interesting balancing act (or something wittier, I’m tired).

Although, with Nutella and Whipped Cream, there are not many reasons to be unhappy. Alice’s pancake even came with a smile.

Until tomorrow, despite my trepidations and protestations, we indulged.


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