February 14th 2018

Today is Valentine’s day, and because I’m never any good at telling Alice that I love her, I tried to show her. I’m supposed to be good with words, but I can never find the right sentiment, and I’m rubbish at writing cards.

So I bought her some roses, a candle, and set the table up all fancy-like ready for an evening in together.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-14 at 21.09.31 (1).jpeg

We’ll go out for a proper meal on Friday so we can enjoy ourselves properly on a night which is not a weeknight. Tonight though, we stayed in, cooked dinner together, and danced in the dark to love songs.

I think the little things are what make Valentine’s day special. It’s a nudge, a prompt, a reminder to make the effort to appreciate things that you should appreciate every day. It’s not about handbags or perfume (although I’m sure Alice wouldn’t object to either), it’s about being fully in the moment with someone you love.

And that’s how I felt tonight, under candlelight, swaying side-to-side with Alice, horribly out of time with the music, holding her hands and probably standing on her feet. I tuned out of the world, and stood there with her, thinking back to the first time we danced together; at our school prom, in the final days of Secondary School, eight years ago.

A photo from that night sits on my desk. I’m looking at it now. Eight years since that night. We’ll have been together ten years this July.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-14 at 21.55.41.jpeg

Sometimes it’s nice to look back, but sometimes it’s better to just close your eyes, sway side-to-side, and be present.

Until tomorrow, Happy Valentine’s day, my love.


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