February 15th 2018

Today I made a really good coffee, and that’s about all that happened. I was the only one in the office today because the rest of my team are either ill, away, or in Germany. So I had to entertain myself with latte art.

It was a pretty good coffee, to be fair to me.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 23.22.23.png

It’s something that I taught myself, and something that I wish I was better at, even though I’m already pretty good. My latte art is like the Rubik’s cube (also pictured), I can do it to a standard that is impressive, but not outstanding.

That’s pretty much my entire brand; coffee, Rubik’s cubes, and less-than-outstanding talent.

Sure, I can complete a Rubik’s cube faster than most average people, but there are swarms of people who are better than me. And yeah, my coffees look good, but I’m not going to win any prizes for them. Also: it’s neither is a talent that is going to get me anywhere much further than an “Oh that looks cool” from a coworker in a kitchen.

Still, though, I practice every day. And that’s a good habit to get into, for any talent.

I’m doing it constantly in the hope of slowly improving, but I know deep down that I won’t improve properly until I fully commit. And honestly, who’s got the energy for that?

Until tomorrow, did you spot the hidden allegory?



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