February 17th 2018

Today I finally got to play golf in the sun and I had a fucking massive Chinese for dinner. It was a pretty good day from start to finish.

I’ve been waiting for decent weather for about a month, but every time I’ve tried to play a round of golf, the heavens have opened with either rain or snow. Today, though?



With white bits.

Unfortunately, the improved weather did nothing to improve my game, but by this point the golf is just a byproduct of a nice walk in a park.

Later on, we went to a friend’s house for a Chinese. It was a big Chinese. There were six of us, so, naturally, we ordered two lots of the four-person meal deals instead of just ordering the six-person meal deal.


We forgot to order the rice without the bits of prawn in it, so I had to pick those out, but apart from that it was bloody fantastic. The ribs, in particular, were divine.

The good news about ordering such a ridiculous amount of food is that I got to take home half of a duck in a doggy bag. I’m worried that it’ll be a bit dry to have for lunch tomorrow, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Until tomorrow, happy Chinese New Year.


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