February 21st 2018

Today I had a random urge to work on my novel again, so I came home from work, went straight to my office, sat down at my desk, and got started. If you’re new around here, basically I have a completed six-year-old, fifty-thousand word story that I’ve been sat on for, well, six years. I’ve had one final round of edits to do for, like, a year and then I’ve told myself I’ll be done with it.

For whatever reason, I’ve never got around to finishing those edits. There’s literally sixty pages out of two hundred left to edit. Correcting typos and fixing sentence structure, it’s nothing too major. I just haven’t finished it yet. I don’t know why.

But like I said, I had a weird desire to work on it tonight, and I got it twenty pages closer to being complete. Now there’s only forty pages left to edit.

I was listening to a podcast on my commute this morning about a guy who’s just released his first novel, so maybe that’s where I got my inspiration to work on it. He’s documented the whole process, from conception to writing to selling it to publishing to the book tour. I’m about halfway through that process, except he’s already a world-famous screenwriter and I’m, well… not.

Either way, I do want to get the book finished some day. And on the day that it’s finished, I’ll upload it to the Amazon Kindle Store and forget about it. Until someone comes banging down my door looking to buy the movie rights, that is.

It’s really not a lot of work to finish it, but I guess it’s the anxiety of having it out in the world holding me back, or something.

But when it’s done, I can forget about it. I just need to get it done first.

It’s weird, because I actually enjoy the copy-editing process more than the actual writing part. It’s easier and quicker. I just haven’t finished it yet.

Until tomorrow, just finish it, James, be done with it.


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