February 22nd 2018

Today I finalised a business trip to Germany. We’ve got some meeting on Tuesday with our German colleagues, and they’re ones that we really should attend in person, so we’re flying over Monday morning.

It’s been over a year since I last went to Germany for work. Some people find it a chore, but I actually quite enjoy it. I enjoy the act of travelling, I quite like being in airports, and I like getting away from the UK, so really for me it’s more of a treat.

Although, last week, because of cancellations, one of the guys had to take three different flights to get back to Bristol from Frankfurt. That’d be more of a chore.

Where it does become a bit more of a chore, though, is the fact that I have a weekend to get through before I fly. I’m going for a “big night out” (not my words) in Bristol tomorrow night with two different groups of friends, so the weekend is going to be a bit of a write off for me anyway.

I’ve taken a tactical day off work tomorrow, just so that I can squeeze in as much sleep as possible before what’s bound to be a busy next week or so.

Until tomorrow, speaking of which, I should probably go to sleep now.



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