February 23rd 2018

Today I’m on a train to Bristol. I’m going to Motion to see DJ EZ with a group of mates. I took today off work because I needed to catch up on sleep before tonight. Apparently we’re not going to leave until the club until first train tomorrow. So this could be a long night.

Naturally, I’m writing this blog now before A) I forget to write it later or B) my phone dies. On the latter point, though, I do have a portable phone charger in my pocket. Because, apparently, I’m that guy now. Old enough to bring a phone charger on a night out because I can’t help but think “what if I need to call a taxi and my phone is dead?”

Twenty four.

And I have a bad feeling they’re not going to let me bring my glasses case inside.

I have also just bought a Cornish pasty from a train station WHSmiths because I’d got a bit peckish

Until tomorrow, it’s started off well.


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