February 25th 2018

Today I basically spent the day recovering from last night. I went out in Bristol and didn’t get home until almost 7am, so I woke up at 2pm with a very, very, confused body clock. That’s probably why I’m still awake now, even though I should’ve gone to bed hours ago.

I tactically wrote yesterday’s blog before I went out, but that meant that I didn’t get an opportunity to talk about one of the most memorable parts of last night. This is gonna sound soppy, so bear with me…

First though, some backstory. We went to Motion in Bristol primarily to see a guy called DJ EZ perform a set. Because we were there early, I guess, we managed to hold down a spot right at the front of the crowd, and right in front of the stage, where we remained for most of the rest of the night. Because we were right at the front, it meant that we could also lean against the railings for support, instead of having to just stand up straight the entire time. (I’m an old man, standing up straight for too long hurts my back.)

Next to us at the front of the crowd was a couple. Right at the start of the night, the boyfriend tapped the five of us on our shoulders and huddled us together. He said “my girlfriend’s got really bad anxiety, so could you just make sure you give her a bit of space and try not to bump into her?”

Naturally, we assured him that we would. Whilst he was telling us this, his girlfriend started blushing and looked really embarrassed. “You don’t have to worry,” she said a few times. She looked embarrassed but not in an “I hate you for doing this to me” kind of way, it was an “I love you for doing this for me” kind of look.

It was so beautiful. You could tell that the guy absolutely adored his girlfriend, and she loved him for it. It may not seem like much of a big deal, and really it’s not, but the whole situation was just such a beautiful expression of love in a really strange setting.

After that, we got chatting to the couple and, in a weird way, made friends with them. They’ve been together three years. He plays rugby in Bristol, she had to work at 11am this morning (fuck that). We’d all been taking it in turns to go and fetch drinks from the bar, and the two of them just became part of that, and part of the night.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 01.52.17.png

It was all quite strange, and random, but really quite beautiful. The romantic writer in me looks for things like that. Those intangible, incomprehensible, unspoken declarations of love. It wasn’t important what he said to us in the first place, or how he said it, it was 1) the fact that he wanted to say it, and 2) the look on her face when he did.

At the end of the night, when the final song had been played, we left separately, probably to never see each other again.

Until tomorrow, we left with hugs and handshakes, and I told them they were a beautiful couple.


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