February 26th 2018

Today I travelled to Germany for a work trip. We’ve got a bunch of meetings with our parent company booked for tomorrow, and it’s important that we can attend them in person, rather than just dialling in over the phone, so with that in mind we got a plane, a train, and an automobile from Bristol to Karlsruhe.




It’s my first time out of the country this year (unless you count Wales as a separate country, but… come on…) and it’s nice to be away, even if it is for work, rather than a holiday. Although, to be fair, the work stuff we’re doing is pretty exciting in and of itself, and I’m not (only) saying that because my boss reads this blog.

It’s kinda nice to feel like part of a large, global company. It makes me feel like I’m doing well. Plus, being in Germany meant I got to have this for dinner tonight:


Look at the absolute size of that thing. Oh my God. It’s bigger than my head. Germans? I love ’em. The picture says most of it, but there are two additional things to say about that burger: 1) It was €11,90 and 2) it was only the third biggest burger available on the menu. That was a triple, and the largest one was a ‘quintuple’. Seriously, that’s so big that I’m beginning to doubt if ‘quintuple’ is actually even a word. It’s like the burger equivalent of Dr Evil’s One Bajillion dollars. Or something.

Until tomorrow, it’s worth the trip out here just for that burger.






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