March 1st 2018

Today we await a blizzard. I left work early because the Met Office put out a red weather warning for 3pm (red is bad, btw) and we thought it made sense to get home before the blizzard started. And then the red weather warning got pushed back to 6pm, and then to 11pm.

It’s now 11pm and the blizzard is yet to arrive. I mean, my car is currently submerged beneath 3 inches of snow (can you be submerged in snow?) but it’s not the 20cms that we’ve been told to expect.

I think the birds know that something is coming though, because they’ve all taken up residence in the pear tree in my back garden.


(It’s not really a pear tree, but it just sounded poetically resonant)

Alice got sad when she saw them all sat there. “They look cold,” she said. “Can I let them inside?”

Firstly, hell no. And secondly, they’d fly away with our hamster, so fuck no.

Until tomorrow, we’ve just been downgraded to an amber warning.



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