March 2nd 2018

Today the snow cancelled all of our plans. Firstly, my plan to go to work was short-lived, because my car woke up under 5 inches of snow.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 01.00.16

Second, my plan to go to Reading for a night with my mates was cancelled, because all of the trains got cancelled. Because of the snow.

Fucking snow. Ruining everything.

Because we were forced into a full day, locked indoors by ourselves, we went for an early evening walk after dinner, just to say that we’d actually been outside today. Cotswold cottages look quite pretty in the snow.


We even saw a Kingfisher out and about on our travels. Apparently it’s rare to see a kingfisher in the wild. Alice had never seen one before. I didn’t really know what one was, so didn’t know whether I’d seen it before or not. I thought it was a hummingbird to begin with, but apparently we definitely don’t get those over here.

It wouldn’t let us get close enough to get a proper photo of it, though, which is a shame. But we did get some beautiful photographs of the local area. I guess snow isn’t all bad. It’s pretty good from an aesthetic point of view, but for practicality sake, it’s a nightmare.

Until tomorrow, snow, go away soon, please.



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