March 4th 2018

Today we got bored and made a cake. Actually that’s not true… Alice got bored and made a cake. And technically she made it yesterday, but we’ve been snowed-in inside our house for the past four days, so who really knows which day comes in which order? Not me.

It was a marble cake, apparently. It was good. There’s not much more to say about it. I’m just glad that the snow is going away. Aside from two brief excursions, we haven’t left the house since Thursday afternoon, and it’s all getting a little bit crazy in here.

It’s weird, because you spend all week at work just looking forward to having a bit of free time at the weekends, and then the weekend comes along and there’s suddenly too much free time, and you’ve completed Netflix so you decide to just put FRIENDS on instead because it’s better than the static. (I feel like I’ve aged myself by using ‘static’ to exemplify “nothing on TV”. In reality, when my TV is idle, my Google ChromeCast puts a screensaver on it that cycles through our old holiday photos. There is no static.)

Until tomorrow, it’s been a long weekend.


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